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What is a Postal Customer  Council®?
Postal Customer Councils help companies get the most out of the mail.
Businesses that want to increase sales, expand their customer base, and improve mail service have a powerful resource ready to help - the Postal Customer Council (PCC®).

PCCs are community groups made up of businesses and Postal Service® leaders who work together to improve mail service, identify and correct problems, and exchange ideas to help member companies be more successful. Through regular meetings, educational programs, mailer clinics and seminars, PCC members learn about the latest postal products and services and work closely with local offices to make the mail more efficient and effective. The result is improved processes and delivery, elevated customer satisfaction, and improved business results.

What is the purpose of a Postal  Customer Council?
Through regular meetings, mailer clinics, seminars and expos, PCC members keep abreast of the latest postal developments and work closely with local Post Offices to make mail service more efficient. It is a great opportunity for businesses to get involved with your Postal Service.

Where is my nearest Postal Customer Council?

Introduced in 1961 to help improve communications between the Postal Service and its customers, the PCC network today represents more than 200 groups and 100,000 members nationwide.  The PCC network now has a special website that puts important mailing information right at your fingertips. It can help you locate the nearest Council or any PCC in the country, so you can make valuable contacts and learn tips for getting the best return-on-investment through the mail.  The site will help you stay abreast of the latest mailing news related to your PCC and the Postal  Service. The site also can assist business mailers with locating a local or national mail service provider and has helpful links to mailing information - everything from how to start using direct mail to how to make your company's mailroom more efficient. 

For more information on PCCs, go to,  or e-mail your question to  Locate your nearest PCC!

What are the benefits of joining a Postal Customer Council?

The PCC provides a forum for mailers to discuss and resolve local mailing issues with their local postmaster. The PCC also serves as an avenue for its members to exchange ideas and suggestions on new United States Postal  Service products and services. Members interacting at PCC meetings and seminars have developed many revenue saving ideas.

How could I form a Postal Customer  Council?
Most PCCs were formed because local postal officials wanted to improve service through partnerships with their customers. A detailed reference guide and other information can be found at

How can I contact the National Postal Customer Council  Program Manager?
You can reach the National PCC Coordinator via email at

How do I contact the New Hampshire PCC?
There are many ways!  You can e-mail, or visit the Contact section on this website for phone numbers and other information.  We would love to hear from you!
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